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  1. Auth or studied deeply about these problems for providing discussion
  2. Auth . share capital of respective company is shown in bracket at the end of each name
  3. To access resources protected using http basic - auth , a user has to provide a username and password
    要使用http basic - auth访问受保护的资源,用户需要提供用户名和密码。
  4. If i m developing a web services client to talk to web services through an http server that has basic auth on , how do i do it
  5. If authibmdb2authoritative is " off , " then iff the user is not found in the database , let other auth modules try to find the user
    如果authibmdb2authoritative为" off " ,当在数据库中没有发现用户时,则让其他认证模块尝试发现用户

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