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(pl. auteurs) 〔法语〕表现自我的电影导演,性格导演。n.
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  1. These future film-makers believed that true auteur both writes and directs his films .
  2. Cinespot : a great auteur - yasujiro ozu
  3. The auteur has the juice with the board to make the necessary changes
  4. In 1975 tommy was adapted as a film , directed by maverick british auteur ken russell
    1975年, 《汤米》被改编成电影,由特立独行的英国电影导演肯?拉塞尔执导。
  5. Directed by trailblazing auteur yoshida yoshishige , this classic of early new wave evokes a haunted love reminiscent of brokeback

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