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  • 奥古斯托
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  1. Augusto odone : dr . nikolias , what about the other boys , what results are you seeing in them
  2. Posits a bittersweet coming - of - age with the looming horror of 9 11 . the date of the chilling coup perpetrated by augusto pinochet
  3. Augusto odone : and that would tell you what is obvious right now ? that avoiding apple skins and pizza has no effect on this brutal disease
  4. However , " things radically change " when consumption goes beyond these levels , study leader dr augusto di castelnuovo , from catholic university of campobasso , said
    坎波巴索省天主大学的阿古斯托?迪?卡斯特努诺教授称,不过,若饮酒超过这一限度, “情况就会大不相同” 。
  5. Renato augusto is being billed as one of the next big things to come out of brazil and , as to be expected , free - spending european clubs have not failed to take notice

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