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  • 俄歇电子能谱法
  • auger:    n. 螺(丝)钻,钻孔器;钻孔机。 ...
  • electron:    n. 【物理学】电子。 the el ...
  • spectroscopy:    n. 【物理学】分光术,光谱学。 n ...
  • aes:    = Army Exchange Se ...
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  1. Our experiments emphasized the correlation between micro structures and some properties of the coatings and tried to obtain the protective coatings with the comprehensively good properties , in which auger electron spectroscopy ( aes ) , scanning electron microscope ( sem ) , and x - ray diffraction ( xrd ) were employed to investigate the composition , microstructure and crystal phase of the coatings respectively , and the properties test was primarily considered with the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the coatings
    本论文主要采用pvd技术中的磁控溅射镀膜( ms或rms )及部分用等离子喷涂( ps )和热氧化( to )表面处理技术研究了铀的具有代表性的三种防腐保护镀层,即单质al 、氧化物al _ 2o _ 3和合金al - zn镀层。实验力图在制备技术、工艺参数及镀层的微结构和性能之间找到一些内在的联系,探索综合性能较好的防腐蚀镀层。
  2. The corrosion resistance of uranium surface treated with supercritical carbon dioxide ( scco2 ) has been studied by weight gain method and electrochemical method . the reaction product and surface element species have been studied by x - ray diffraction ( xrd ) and auger electron spectroscopy ( aes ) methods . the interaction mechanism of supercritical carbon dioxide with uranium surface by thermodynamics method was also studied
    本论文用重量法、电化学研究方法评价了金属铀经超临界co _ 2处理后的表面抗腐蚀性能,用aes 、 xrd等分析手段研究了超临界co _ 2与金属铀表面的相互作用机理,并从热力学角度对超临界co _ 2与金属铀反应的可能性进行了研究。

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