attack plan meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "attack plan" in a sentence
  • 灭火作战计划
  • attack:    vt. 1.攻击 (opp. def ...
  • plan:    n. 1.计划,设计,方案,规划;方 ...
  • plan of attack:    灭火作战计划
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  1. His staff had developed the attack plan through its final variations and details .
  2. If the international situation continued to intensify, the attack plan called for execution in december .
  3. Out of study, revision, checking, and rechecking finally evolved the essentials of the attack plan .
  4. Attack plan worksheet
  5. Following numerous alerts about supposed attack plans by palestinian militants . israeli forces also are enforcing a ban on palestinian workers entering israel from the west bank and gaza

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