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  • 易受引诱的学生
  • risk:    n. 1.风险,危险;冒险。 2.【 ...
  • group:    n. 1.群;批,簇。 2.集团,团 ...
  • at-risk student group:    高危险群学生
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  1. The protection of children , women , people with disabilities , and other at - risk groups
  2. All the control group infants responded to the first or second name call at the age of one year , while 86 per cent in the at - risk group did
  3. Medical researchers study disease mutations in the hope of finding simple ways to identify at - risk groups of people , as well as coming up with new ideas for preventing and treating the conditions related to these mutations [ see box on page 83 ]
    有些医学研究人员钻研与这些疾病有关的突变,希望能找出?定危险族群的简单办法,并寻求预防和治疗这些疾病的新点子(请参见第95页昨日的基因,明日的医学) 。
  4. Influenza vaccination is one of the effective means of preventing ordinary influenza and its complications . the scientific committee on vaccine preventable diseases of the centre for health protection recommends certain at - risk groups to receive influenza vaccination every year

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