at the play meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "at the play" in a sentence
  • 在看戏
  • play:    vi. 1.玩,玩耍,游戏;闲逛;〔 ...
  • a play:    互动剧场; 一出戏
  • at play:    在玩耍
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  1. Then she daintily removed costigan's dinner things, tripping about the room as she had seen the dancers do at the play .
  2. Were there many people at the play
  3. His performance was quite good at the play , given that he is young and still lacks of experience
  4. Mouse operation , includes a number of small game , every customs have suggested that careful look at the play anymore
  5. The reels will spin independently and then come to rest randomly on various symbols at the play lines three horizontal lines running across the reels

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