at the peril of meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "at the peril of" in a sentence
  • 冒...的危险
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  1. The exiles were forbidden to return, at the peril of their lives .
  2. You play for your side, my lord, even at the peril of your soul .
  3. At the peril of one ' s life
  4. At the peril of
  5. You will not speak to him on any pretext - and - richard , it will be at the peril of your life if you speak to her : open your lips - agitate yourself - and i ll not answer for the consequences
    无论如何不要同他说话而理查德如果你同她说话,你就会有生命危险,譬如说张开嘴让自己激动起来那我就概不负责了。 ”

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