at the close meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "at the close" in a sentence
  • 按收市盘
  • 最后价格
  • close:    adj. 1.关闭着的,密闭的。 2 ...
  • be close by:    在...附近
  • be close to:    接近靠近; 接近于..., 在... ...
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  1. At the close of a century ideals are mixed .
  2. At the close of the evening he rallied for a final effort .
  3. Such were some of the causes for congratulation that our patriotic american might recognize, at the close of the eighteenth century .
  4. At the close of the discussion he asked admiral doeniz to consider the pros and cons of this step and to report as soon as possible .
  5. Block , including brackets , at the closing line of each previous

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