at the approach of meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "at the approach of" in a sentence
  • 在快到的时候
  • 在…将到的时候
  • approach:    vt. 1.向…接近,走近;使接近。 ...
  • approach of:    驶近
  • approach to:    接近;几乎等于; 接近;近似,约等于 ...
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  1. At the approach of the evening the herdsman come to feed his cattle
  2. At the approach of
  3. Not in moscow only , but everywhere else in russia nothing like riots took place at the approach of the enemy
  4. It looked as though in this slight movement the army itself were expressing its joy at the approach of the emperors
  5. At the approach of night , i slept in a tree for fear of wild creatures , but slept soundly tho it rain d all night

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