at the amusement park meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "at the amusement park" in a sentence
  • 在游乐园
  • amusement:    n. 1.娱乐,消遣;乐趣。 2.娱 ...
  • park:    n. 1.公园,…场。 2.圃囿;【 ...
  • amusement park:    儿童乐园;游乐场; 公共游乐场; 快 ...
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  1. We intend to have a ball at the amusement park today
  2. We intend to have a ball at the amusement park today
  3. The new roller coaster ride at the amusement park frightened the pants off me
  4. Ellie stood in line for over an hour to ride the roller coaster at the amusement park
  5. When we looped the loop at the amusement park , we thought we would certainly fall out

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