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  • 按溢价,按高于票面价值
  • 升水溢价
  • 溢价发行
  • premium:    n. 1.超票面价格,溢价;加价;贴 ...
  • a premium:    按溢价计算; 奇缺的; 在票面价值以 ...
  • at a premium:    (股票)超过票面以上的价格; 按溢价 ...
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  1. Issued at premium
  2. Sale at premium
  3. Our company buys at premium prices all types of electronics and computer parts , and stocks of manufacturer
  4. Seats on domestic flights , such as between mumbai and bangalore , are sold abroad at premium prices
  5. Both have prospered by exploiting their strong brands to sell what are really commodities ? coffee and cola ? at premium prices

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