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Pronunciation:   "at pains" in a sentence   "at pains" meaning
  • 尽力, 用心
  • pain:    n. 佩恩〔姓氏〕。
  • at the pains:    尽力, 用心, 下苦功
  • be at pains:    费尽力气, 煞费苦心, 尽力设法
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  1. She was at pains to get him the things to eat that he liked .
  2. The investigating board was at pains to point out that keith had requested to be temporarily relieved from duty, that his request was reasonable .
  3. She was at pains to stress the benefits of the scheme
  4. Do more that others expect you to do and do it at pains
  5. They had been at pains to examine all the statistics

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