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Pronunciation:   "at current price" in a sentence
  • 按当时价格, 按现行价格
  • 按当时价格计算;按现时价格计算
  • 按生产要素成本计算
  • current:    adj. 1.通用的,流行的。 2. ...
  • price:    n. 1.价格,价钱;市价;代价;费 ...
  • current price:    当时价格;现时价格; 时价, 市价; ...
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  1. More money will bid for goods than there are goods available at current prices .
  2. Output of major industrial products at current price
  3. Ration of sales by region at current price
  4. The data in value terms in the table are calculated at current prices
  5. At current price

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