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  • 在教堂做礼拜
  • church:    n. 1.教堂,礼拜堂;〔C-〕 教 ...
  • be in church:    正在争论之中
  • church:    n. 丘奇〔姓氏〕。 n. 1.教堂 ...
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  1. I decided i'd stay at the hotel the week-end and put in an appearance at church .
  2. "ah, well, i was at church that day," said fairway, "which was a very curious thing to happen. "
  3. Mrs. sutclife's bedroom was ransacked and left in wild confusion while the members of the family were at church on sunday morning .
  4. What time is the hanging of the green at church
  5. At easter , attendances at church rose

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