at a guess meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "at a guess" in a sentence
  • 猜测起来
  • 凭猜测
  • 依推测
  • guess:    vt. 1.推测,猜测。 2.猜对, ...
  • by guess:    靠猜; 凭猜测; 推测
  • guess at:    猜,估计; 猜猜; 试着猜
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  1. ` how old is she ? ' ` at a guess , about 30 . '
  2. I ' d say that , at a guess , there were about 200 people there
  3. At a guess i shall say we are speed at fifty miles an hour
  4. At a guess 1 would say sixteen per cent , and 1 do not think that figure is likely to get bigger in the future
    凭猜测,我会说大概是16 ,而且我认为在将来这个数字也不可能增加。

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