at a great rate meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "at a great rate" in a sentence
  • 以高速度
  • great:    adj. 1.大的,巨大的。 2.很 ...
  • rate:    vt.,vi. 〔方言〕=ret.
  • be great with:    为某种感情所激动
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  1. He chatted on at a great rate .
  2. The virtuous servant, roger cly, swore his way through the case at a great rate .
  3. Since cordite burns at a greater rate at a higher pressure a relief valve must be used to allow generated gas to escape to atmosphere at times when the demand is low .
  4. The youngsters ran on at a great rate
  5. His mind ran on at a great rate . and yet carrie hadn t acted out of the ordinary

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