at a great depth meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "at a great depth" in a sentence
  • 在很深处
  • great:    adj. 1.大的,巨大的。 2.很 ...
  • depth:    n. 1.深;深度。 2.(色泽的) ...
  • in great depth:    在深度上
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  1. The gemstones in the corundum group consist of pure aluminium oxide which crystallised into wonderful gemstones a long time ago as a result of pressure and heat at a great depth
  2. This essay believes that , unlike those traditional realistic novels that are close to the material world , this novel , by the process of symbolization of life , reveals at a greater depth the poetic features of the postmodern commercial society represented by america , and embodies the unique spiritual world of postmodern life

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