at a dance meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "at a dance" in a sentence
  • 舞会
  • dance:    vi. 1.跳舞,舞蹈,舞。 2.跳 ...
  • at dance:    舞会
  • dance to:    随着跳舞


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  1. I think jack picked mary up at a dance
  2. How about dropping in at a dance hall ( ballroom )
  3. I met my future wife at a dance
  4. At a dance club , i meet people from japan and the philippines , and even a few native hawaiians
  5. Jang woo hyuk was the next person - after winning first place at a dancing contest , he was asked to tryout for h . o . t . ,
    每天晚上的最后一件事:从1数到100 .如何减轻压力:睡和吃

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