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  1. English vocabulary teaching from the viewpoint of association method
  2. A new geometric multisensor data association method according to the centralizing level of sensors " line of sight is given
  3. ( 2 ) data association method of multi - target tracking has also been researched . we study the distance - gate which has big effect on data association , analyze global distance - gate and elliptical distance - gate . then we adopt different distance - gate according to different trajectory state
  4. Involve in the screening and identification of susceptibility genes by using a large - scale case - control study and association method , functional investigation will be also carried on focused on the genes with significant implification
  5. In order to limit the sensor numbers of the crossing location association method in high clutter or target density environment , a generalized likelihood ratio approach to eliminating ghosts is given . the approach is based on the fact that the sound intensity distribution of the same target is identical

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