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[ ə'sist ] Pronunciation:   "assist" in a sentence   "assist" meaning
1.(在某方面)帮助,援助,协助 (in, with)。
2.帮助某人做某事 (in doing sth; to do sth)。
3.搀扶(某人)上[下]车 (in) [out of] 扶(某人)站起 (to his foot) 给(小孩)喂食 (to)。 assist an architect in project 帮助设计师搞设计。 She assisted him in correcting [to correct] the proof. 她帮+More...
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  1. He will assist you to complete the task .
  2. She assisted him in correcting the proof .
  3. Sue was assisting jude very materially now .
  4. Those who assist are responsible art and part .
  5. She assisted him to correct the proof .

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