assessment well meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "assessment well" in a sentence
  • 估价井
  • assessment:    n. 1.(价格的)评定,(税额的) ...
  • well:    adv. ( better best ...
  • a well:    一口井
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  1. Do patients ' assessment well and improve medical services
  2. The " prospecting operations " means all the work conducted to locate the petroleum - bearing traps through geological , geophysical , geochemical methods and other ways including drilling exploratory wells , etc . as well as all the work conducted to decide the commerciality of petroleum traps discovered , e . g . drilling of assessment wells , doing feasibility studies and formulating overall exploitation programs for an oil ( gas ) field
    (五) “勘探作业” ,是指用地质、地球物理、地球化学和包括钻探井等各种方法寻找储藏石油圈闭所做的全部工作,以及在已发现石油的圈闭上为确定它有无商业价值所做的钻评价井、可行性研究和编制油(气)田的总体开发方案等全部工作。

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