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  • 幅型比宽度比
  • 形貌比
  • aspect:    n. 1.样子,光景;容貌,神色。 ...
  • ration:    n. 1.(供应物等的)限额,定额, ...
  • aspect of:    问题的(方面)
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  1. The results of the lift interference are given here as a result of a series of rudder of different aspect ration fitted to different location of the fornication . in the second part , the device of open water experiment of ichthyoid rudder is present
  2. Static - electric field of spindt cathode was analyzed and then field emission current was simulated . the method could direct the fabrication of spindt cathode . how the aspect ration and site density of cnts effect the field enhancement factor were also analyzed

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