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  • 上行织脉
  • 升主动脉
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  1. Endovascular stent - graft deployed in ascending aorta for the treatment of total aortic dissection
  2. The ascending aorta was involved in 34 of these patients and the descending aorta in 31
    这些患者中,有34名患者升主动脉受累, 31名患者降主动脉受累。
  3. Sixty - five of the patients were women and the average age was 61 years , the report indicates . the ascending aorta was involved in 110 cases and the descending aorta in 65
    该报道指出,其中65名患者是女性,患者的平均年龄为61岁。 110例升主动脉受累, 65例降主动脉受累。
  4. While in diastole , there were ( 1 ) antegrade in the transverse aorta , and retrograde in the ascending aorta and descending aorta ( below fda ) , and ( 2 ) left - to - right shunt in the fda
  5. A 54 year - old male had been diagnosed with modified tga at age 40 , but no surgery was performed . enhanced multislice ct revealed the ascending aorta coursing left of the anterior pulmonary trunk

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