as timid as a mouse meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "as timid as a mouse" in a sentence
  • 胆小如鼠
  • timid:    adj. 1.胆小的,羞怯的,提心吊 ...
  • mouse:    n. (pl. mice ) 1.【 ...
  • a timid reply:    战战兢兢的答复
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  1. You are every inch as timid as a mouse . just speak up
  2. Emily is as timid as a mouse and does not know how to answer the question
  3. It ' s no use expecting arthur to stand up for himself : he ' s as timid as a mouse . somebody else will have to protect his interests
  4. Jimmie bond was a famous comedy actor who specialized in playing the role of superhero like james bond . but he was as timid as a mouse in real life
  5. But he was as timid as a mouse in real life . his cowardice caused his wife , mandy , to divorce him leaving him a s a single parent to take care of his two lovely daughters , cream and crispy

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