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  • 联想感觉比
  • ratio:    n. (pl. ratios) 1. ...
  • ratio t:    统计系数与标准误差比率
  • t ratio:    统计系数与标准误差比率
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  1. Test method for ga as ratio of surface of gallium arsenide
  2. Factors influencing the reaction yield were studied , such as ratio of reagents , reaction temperature , reaction time and solvents
  3. In connection with its self properties , we make an inquiry into the major parameters , such as ratio of height and span , equation of arch axis , geometry size of section and so on
  4. In the paper , some factors are studied such as ratio of soliton and signal wavelength , linear refractive - index of media and coupling length which have influence on the performance of the steerable all - optical directional coupler
  5. Some new features such as ratio of centripetal moment , ratio of eccentric moment and ratio of inertial moment are introduced in this dissertation . these features have the properties of scale - invariance - , rotation - invariance and translation - invariance , and can be used well in depicting the linearized outline object

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