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  • 生活用品
  • article:    n. 1.物品;制品,商品。 2.项 ...
  • daily:    adj. 逐日的,每日的。 n. 1 ...
  • use:    n. 1.使用,利用,应用;使用的机 ...
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  1. Articles for daily use containing inflammable substance may be carried in limited quantity
  2. If notice the individual is wholesome , appliance of articles for daily use , food and patient departure
  3. Possible , your articles for daily use should be used apart . other respect should not be infected
  4. In case the office import office appliance , articles for daily use and means of transportation , it shall file record to the local customs authority
  5. Individual persons shall be entitled to enjoy ownership of such immovables and movables as their lawful incomes , houses , articles for daily use , means of production and raw materials

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