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  • 动脉输注
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  1. Curative effects of arterial infusion on 8 children with cerebral arterial occlusive disease
  2. The effect of mental intervention on compliance to chemotherapy through intra - arterial infusion in child patients
  3. Experimental study of the efficacy of inferior mesenteric arterial infusion with carbon microspheres to the colon
  4. Transcatheter embolotherapy with platinum microcoils and complementary methods including gelatin sponge cubes , surgical glue mixture and intra - arterial infusion of vasopressin were performed
  5. Methods : tofurther investigate the methods for bladder cancer treatment , twenty patients with bladder cancer were treated bypartial cystectomy combined with chemotherapy using submucosa injection arterial infusion from an implantedcatheter in the internal iliac artery

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