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  • n.
    〔rotl 的复数形〕穆斯林地区的重量名〔相当于1-5磅不等〕。
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  1. A revision is long overdue , said dr . raul artal of the saint louis university school of medicine
  2. The move also allows artel to bring value to its customer by helping to ensure that mission - critical websites are available around the clock
  3. Artel will offer f5 networks award winning product suite as part of their extensive range of network hardware and software solutions
  4. The visit from f5 senior management further enhances and reflects the close alliance between the two companies , " noted mr danny yu , chairman of artel solutions group
  5. By combining their e - business expertise and application knowledge with the resources of f5 networks , artel will be in a position to support a broader spectrum of customers

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