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  • 数学公式
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  1. The arithmetic formulas for sine wave , linear frequency modulation signal , v - style frequency modulation signal , white noise signal , reverberation signal and echo signal are given by their definition
    根据信号类型的定义,给出了正弦信号、线性调频信号、 v型调频信号、白噪声、混响和回波信号的合成公式。
  2. 2 、 mathematics model of prs interspace coordinate in remote electromagnetic field is established . 3 、 design index of bait ’ s every parameter are given . 4 、 arithmetic formula of distance between the radar and the bait is given
  3. Since the performance of the formula raac - rsa is related with choice of password , the thesis tests the performance of montgomery and does performance analysis of rsa arithmetic formula in different computers
    由于raac - rsa方案的性能与密钥的选取相关,本文还进行了蒙哥马力算法的性能评测,同时还对使用不同计算粒度实现rsa算法的方案进行了性能分析。

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