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  • area:    n. 1.面积;平地;地面。 2.空 ...
  • curve:    n. 1.曲线;弯曲;弯曲物。 2. ...
  • area amplitude response curve:    面积幅度曲线; 面积振幅响应曲线
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  1. Abstract : by both the external combination of deck coefficient and designed water - line coefficient ? and the in - ternal combination of deck transformation and cross - section area curve transformation ? a new ship line is generated on the condition that cross - section area is the same as the basic ship and designed water line satisfies the need . this method needs not look for any transformation function to finish the change of cross - section area curve . it is a profitable development to the traditional lackenby method
  2. This article aims at the characteristics of a baibie harbor great bridge , by the spot construction test and mechanicses , limited an analysis , dissolve to the construction technics and loading capacity , stake deliver mechanism , bearing stratum and glazing rock depth area curve etc . s of the borehole cast - in - place concrete pile in the karst terrain do the some study research
  3. The spiral sheet metal carry the lotus test to be apply in the bearing power test of the deep foundation soil and water table following foundation soil extensively because the ability goes into the surface of earth is following the certain depth area curve carry on test , according to the element that the spiral sheet metal carries the lotus test , through contrast with plate load test , the spiral sheet metal carries the lotus test to be applicable to the shallow storey foundation soil equally , the size of the spiral sheet metal time area concentration diagram is not big to the test result influence , the spiral sheet metal carries the bearing power of the lotus test assurance to no longer carry on the depth area curve redress
  4. The karst terrain , specially the karst pile is the difficult problem of engineering of the reconnaissance , design , construction . in the past emergence rock dissolves the thing problem not much , as to it " s the lading delivers mechanism and glazing rock depth area curves and hold the problem of towing force top plate less

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