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  • 天使长的
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  1. According to thoth the archangelic language was used in the temples of ancient egypt
  2. Thoth tells us that there has never been any other of these available archangelic pathways used in conjunction with a device like an ark on the earth
  3. According to thoth , the divine language form represented in the alphabet of the ark , is contained within the matrix of this greater archangelic flame script
  4. The celluloid of the archangelic language has a function which also keeps the lesser creation in synchronization with the higher template , like the focusing device on the projector in our analogy
  5. However , some of the other 144 , 000 stratum , or archangelic languages , have been employed in various ways in the earth ' s history , and will continue to provide additional pathways to the greater light
    然而, 144 , 000分层的其它一些,或大天使风格,在地球历史长河中被用于各种各样的道路,就会向更加伟大的光继续提供另外的道路。

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