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  • 有关当局
  • appropriate:    vt. 1.擅用,挪用,占用,盗用。 ...
  • authority:    n. 1.权威,威信;权力,权柄;权 ...
  • authorities:    当局,权力,权威; 权限
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  1. Fehd is the appropriate authority in the context of water quality and safety
  2. Are claims for petty cash reimbursed against invoices duly certified by the appropriate authorities
  3. Therefore , proper knowledge of authorities is essential for assigning users the appropriate authorities
  4. Welfare needs should be clearly defined for the police so that they knew when to refer cases to the appropriate authorities
  5. On - air calls that require action will be followed up , and a reply will be given or the matter will be referred to the appropriate authorities within 8 days

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