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  • 导进机场系统
  • approach:    vt. 1.向…接近,走近;使接近。 ...
  • system:    n. 1.体系,系统;分类法;组织; ...
  • system approach:    系统办法; 系统法; 系统方法; 系 ...
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  1. A new concept in the project design of approach system
  2. Ailas automatic instrument landing approach system
  3. More than that , however , was the idea that approaching systems this way created minimal systems
  4. On the study of the market data approach system , the author expatiates his own opinion and lays stress on practice
  5. With the software of geographical information system and the results of urban land grading and evaluation information system , the author has explored the market data approach system . 2
    借助于gis工具和城镇土地定级估价信息系统相关工作成果,设计并实现了市场比较法评估信息系统; 2

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