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  • 幻影移形
  • 现影术 巫师旅行的方式之一,可以瞬间从一个地方消失,再瞬间出现在另一个地方。
  • 移形
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  1. How did the death eaters apparate to voldemort in the graveyard
  2. You can ' t create a portkey to somewhere you do not know , you might not even be able to apparate to a place you do not know
  3. In march of the coming school year , ron will turn seventeen , and will therefore be of age in the wizarding world and old enough to obtain a license to apparate
  4. Wizards certainly had other means of transportation , but most students can ' t apparate and it is implied ( by ron in chamber of secrets ) that many adults cannot or prefer not to apparate with other people
    以来巫师界对于泄密的关注越来越密切( 1692年通过了《国际保密法》 )二是因为麻瓜社会人口的膨胀。
  5. There seems to be a fairly small number of them , although those who apparate to voldemort ' s side when the dark mark on their arms summons them may be the inner circle of his strongest supporters only

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