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  • n.
    【语法】头音节省略〔advantage 转变为 vantage; It is 转变为 'tis 等〕。adj.


  1. Types i , ii , ii , treatment and information , cryofiltration apheresis
  2. Recently , ldl apheresis has been applied in clinic and achieves a satisactory effect . in this dissertation , the tripeptide , serine - aspartic - glutamic acid ( sde ) , which existes in the cooh - terminal end of the seven repeats in the ligand binding domain of the ldl receptor and plays an important role in identifying ldl , was synthetized and immobilized onto the polyacrylamide ( paam ) beads as a bionic adsorbent for selective removal of ldl from plasma
    本论文以丝氨酰-天冬氨酰-谷氨酸( sde )负电性三肽(此三肽广泛存在于ldl受体配体结合域7个重复序列的羧基末端,对ldl受体特异性识别ldl起着重要作用)作为配体固定到聚丙烯酰胺微球载体上制成仿生性ldl亲和吸附剂,考察其对人血浆中ldl及hdl的吸附功效。

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