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Pronunciation:   "antijam" in a sentence
  • 反干扰按钮
  • 抗干扰
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  1. Then taking into account the performance of antijam and the global distribution of lines , the printed circuit is designed
  2. Compared with tranditional oscillometric deflation blood pressure measurement method ( dbpm ) , the csbpm have the much lower power dissipation , smaller volume and better individual adaptability . at the same time it can improve effectively measurement precision and antijam ability
  3. The effects of the meteor trails orientation on the size and shape of the footprint on the ground are calculated , which the mechanism of good concealment , antijam and low probability of intercept is explained . this method overcomes the classical limitation
  4. Spread spectrum technique is brought forward originally in military communication for antijam and low probability of intercept . it ' s capability in security and antijam makes its expensive applications in the fields of communication and detection . application in multiple access communication techniques accelerates nowadays - 3g technique

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