antigen meaning in Chinese

[ 'æntidʒən ] Pronunciation:   "antigen" in a sentence   "antigen" meaning
  • n.
  • a antigen:    a抗原,a抗原; 腺病毒壳蛋白抗原; ...
  • antigen t:    t抗原
  • s antigen:    表面抗原; 骨骼肌抗原; 可溶性抗原
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  1. Each antigen may have many different determinants .
  2. Antigen interacts with the surface of sensitized mast cells .
  3. The second group of antigens consists proteins and nucleoproteins .
  4. The immunogenic potency of soluble antigens may be considerably increased .
  5. There are numerous inherited antigens on the surface of the human erythrocyte .

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