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[ ænt ] Pronunciation:   "ant" in a sentence   "ant" meaning
  • n.
    蚂蚁。 have ants in one's pants (因焦急,气愤等而)坐立不安,急于采取行动。
  • -ant:     1.…性的: stimulant. ...
  • ant a:    a]抗霉素a; 抗霉素a
  • ant-:    前缀 用于母音前。= anti-.
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  1. The social order of ants is very interesting .
  2. Afterwards i allowed an ant to visit them .
  3. Ants on the locust tree assume a great-nation swagger .
  4. Ants store up food against the winter .
  5. The root of this dead tree has been gnawed away by ants .

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