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  1. This precious history then . yes , i was born at so and so , anno domini -
  2. The anno domini system of reckoning years was originally based on setting year 1 as the first full year of jesus ' life
  3. Other legacies include the adoption of the cross as a symbol , the doctrine of the trinity , growth of belief in an afterlife and in the resurrection of the dead , the anno domini method of reckoning years , and celebrations at christmas and easter
  4. The scene was mr . cruncher s private lodging in hanging - sword - alley , whitefriars : the time , half - past seven of the clock on a windy march morning , anno domini seventeen hundred and eighty . mr . cruncher himself always spoke of the year of our lord as anna dominoes : apparently under the impression that the christian era dated from the invention of a popular game , by a lady who had bestowed her name upon it
    时间:安诺多米尼一干七百八十年三月一个刮风的早晨七点克朗彻先生总把“安诺多米尼”说成“安娜多米诺” ,显然以为基督教纪元是从一个叫安娜的女士发明了多米诺骨牌,而且用自己的名字为它命名而开始的。

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