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  • 动画面板
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  1. It allows you to create animations by using the animation palette and the layers palette
  2. The animation palette is used to define each frame and the layers palette defines the image state associated with each frame
  3. Frames can be reordered in the animation palette by clicking on the frame you want to move and dragging it to the desired location
  4. At the bottom of the animation palette , choose once from the looping pop - up menu and then click the play button to view the animation
    在动画控制面板的最下方,从循环弹出菜单中选择“一次” ,此时,点击播放按钮开始观看动画。
  5. In the animation palette , choose make frames from layers from the animation palette . each layer will appear as a frame in the animation palette
    在动画控制面板中,选择“从动画控制面板中指定来自于层的帧” 。此时,每个层将作为动画控制面板中的一个帧出现。

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