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  • 闭角青光眼
  • 闭角型青光眼
  • angle:    n. 〔古语〕钓钩;钓具。 a br ...
  • closure:    n. 1.关闭,停业;截止;末尾,结 ...
  • glaucoma:    n. 【医学】青光眼,绿内障。 ad ...
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  1. Treatment of angle - closure glaucoma by extraction of cataract
  2. Clinical study on the management of angle - closure glaucoma by phacoemulsification
  3. Phacoemulsification and lens implantation for chronic angle - closure glaucoma with cataract
  4. Treatment for acute angle - closure glaucoma by the extraction of ultraemulsified cataract
  5. Surgical treatment of primary angle - closure glaucoma with persistent high intraocular pressure

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