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  • angle:    n. 〔古语〕钓钩;钓具。 a br ...
  • column:    n. 1.【建筑】圆柱;圆柱状物〔如 ...
  • column angle:    塔柱偏角
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  1. In this paper , the buckling behavior of cold - formed angle members is studied by non - linear finite element method . the influence of the width - thickness ratio of the single cold - formed angle column under axial load is analysed . the criteria of flexural buckling and torsional - flexural buckling for cold - formed egual - leg under axial loads is presented . according the calculating results of the ansys finite element method , the stability - coefficient formulas are simulated for the cold - formed loading single angle members of flexural buckling and torsional - flexural buckling

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