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Pronunciation:   "and so on" in a sentence   "and so on" meaning
  • 等待着
  • 等等(表示列举未尽)
  • 以及其他、等等
  • so:    n. 【音乐】=sol1.
  • and so:    所以,因此;同样; 同样地, 因而, ...
  • as… so:    结构常用来表示比例或者关系,意为“正 ...
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  1. Yes , we have many bowls , plates , chopsticks , and so on .
  2. You must fill in the form nationality , age , profession , and so on .
  3. The metals most frequently cast are iron, steal, aluminum and so on .
  4. We may also divide the screen into quarters, sixths, and so on .
  5. Yes, i know you want me to talk about artistic problems and so on .

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