and say that, meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "and say that," in a sentence
  • 说著
  • say:    vt.,vi. 1.说,讲;表达;表 ...
  • that:    pron. (pl. those ) ...
  • not to say:    即使不说是; 虽不能说..; 虽说不 ...
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  1. How could she turn round and say that , after all i have done for her .
  2. Piss off ! get in here and say that ,
  3. Rm : and you can attend that club , and say that , i heard on icrt , so , they will welcome you for a free meeting
  4. You will take it to the count , and say that , although in haste to attend the chamber , my master came out of his way to have the honor of calling upon him .
    别忘了把这张名片交给伯爵,并请转达伯爵,我家主人是到众议院去的路上特地绕道来拜访他的。 ”
  5. Pope benedict described the situation as an injustice , and said that , to make an impact on a large scale , it is necessary to convert the model of global development

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