anchor in meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "anchor in" in a sentence
  • 联结轴销
  • anchor:    n. 1.挂锚;锚状物。 2.桩,支 ...
  • at anchor:    锚泊的; 锚泊在锚泊中; 停泊在港; ...
  • be at anchor:    抛锚, 停泊着
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  1. It's got an anchor in its tail .
  2. One of the two aircraft carriers was anchored in greece .
  3. He did mean that, as far as he was concerned, his writings had to be anchored in europe .
  4. His drifting soul was anchored in the love of god, in the rock that endured forever .
  5. Several boats lay at anchor in the harbour

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