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  • 分析,解析
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  1. Evaluation of colposcopic technology in diagnosis of cervical cancer analysis analysis of 200 cases
  2. The research of economic information analysis analyses its development in three aspects : theory , method and application
  3. One is the sectional dimension , which involves knowledge , skills and affective factors ; the other is the longitudinal dimension , which covers three types of academic achievement : fundamental academic achievement , developing academic achievement and creative academic achievement . in terms of the implementation of the evaluation , it concentrates on the process and analysis of data , which covers three types of analysis : the descriptive analysis of the overall result , the analysis of variation , and the analysis of the relevance of some variables . the first type of analysis analyses scores of students in di fferent grades on the basis of various items of indexes in the testing part and the affective testing part
    评价方案的实施重点在于数据的处理与分析,包括总体描述性分析(以年级为单位,分析学生在测验部分和情意部分各项指标上得分情况;分析学生的总分(学力测验分+学力情意评价分)的分布情况) 、差异分析(分析学力情意部分是否存在年级间的差异;分析学力情意部分是否存在重点班与平行班之间的差异;分析学力是否存在性别差异)和相关分析(分析同年级内,基础学力、发展性学力和创造性学力之间的相关程度;分析学力情意部分与学力测验部分之间的相关程度) 。
  4. First , this text introduce fundamental concepts and conditions of development about object oriented finite element , and discussed the way which is essentiality and flexibility in the application of electrical numerical analysis analysis software , and also systemic studied the designing method of object oriented programming

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