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  • 放大的随机发射
  • 放大的自发发射
  • 放大式自发射
  • 放大自发发射条
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  • amplify:    vt. 1.扩大,放大。 2.引伸, ...
  • spontaneous:    adj. 1.自发的,一时冲动的。 ...
  • emission:    n. 1.(光、热、气体等的)发出, ...
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  1. Effect of amplified spontaneous emission in heaven - i pre - amplifier
  2. Amplified spontaneous emission
  3. By utilizing the comb - like reflection spectrum of a hi - bi fiber loop mirror to suppress the ase ( amplified spontaneous emission ) of a double - pass edfa , the noise figure of this amplifier is much improved
    利用双折射环镜的梳状反射特性抑制双通edfa的ase ,从而使放大器的噪声性能得到了明显改善。
  4. We also propose a new subsidiary method for finesse measurement based on selfhomodyne by x m . using of resonating of the intra - cavity amplified spontaneous emission ( ase ) light , without extemal light source
  5. However , in the pulse application fields , the output pulse energy from single mode fiber lasers or amplifiers is limited by amplified spontaneous emission ( ase ) , nonlinear effect and facet damage

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