amplified factor meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "amplified factor" in a sentence
  • 放大倍率
  • amplify:    vt. 1.扩大,放大。 2.引伸, ...
  • factor:    n. 1.〔英国〕经销人;(代客买卖 ...
  • amplified:    放大的; 扩大的
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  1. The main achievements are as follows : according to the stochastic mechanism , a novel ant colony optimization algorithm with random perturbation behavior ( rpaco ) is presented in this paper . the new algorithm includes two important aspects : a amplify factor formulated by inverse exponent function is developed , which is used to avoid premature , on the other hand , corresponding transition strategy with random selection and perturbation behavior is designed , which is designed to prevent the algorithm from stagnating

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