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在(多数)之中,在…中间。 ★between 一般指“在两者之间”, among 一般指“在三者或三者以上之中”。 among us Chinese在我们中国人中间。 among the Greeks 在希腊时代。 life among the Arabs (别国人的)阿拉伯生活。 a house among the trees 树木环绕着的屋子。 fall among thieves 沦落到与盗贼为伍。 quarrel among themselves+More...
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  1. Her brother shut himself up among books .
  2. It was confused among many objects .
  3. Beethoven was a phenomenon among musicians .
  4. The pigs were grubbing about among the trees .
  5. Tito was soon down among the crowd .

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